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At Randy’s Nursery, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of top-quality Koi pond supplies to enthusiasts and aquarists alike. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond construction and maintenance services – we provide a comprehensive range of supplies curated to enhance your Koi pond experience. In this detailed guide, we will explore the diverse world of Koi pond supplies available at Randy’s Nursery, catering to everyone from beginners to seasoned pond keepers.

Essential Koi Pond Supplies

Koi Fish

Explore a world of aquatic wonders with our extensive selection of Koi fish, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners alike. Choose from thousands of Koi, each a living masterpiece, with over 80 varieties to captivate your imagination. From petite 4-inch wonders to majestic specimens spanning over 2 feet, Randy’s Nursery ensures that your pond is adorned with the finest Koi, adding vibrancy and elegance to your aquatic oasis.


For those with a fondness for Goldfish, Randy’s Nursery offers a diverse array, from comets to shubunkins and various fancy goldfish varieties. Ideal for smaller ponds, our Goldfish selection brings charm and grace to your aquatic haven. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or a novice, our vast Goldfish collection provides options that suit your preferences, creating a picturesque tableau in your pond.

Other Lively Additions

Enhance the biodiversity of your ecosystem with more than just fish. Randy’s Nursery introduces captivating additions such as turtles, tadpoles, snails, and mosquito fish. These lively companions not only contribute to the dynamic balance of your pond but also add an extra layer of fascination for those who revel in the wonders of pond life. Explore our diverse range of Koi Pond Supplies, and let your pond flourish into a thriving, harmonious ecosystem.

Pond Liners

The foundation of a durable and leak-free Koi pond begins with a high-quality liner. Randy’s Nursery offers a variety of liners crafted from materials known for their durability and resistance to UV rays. Whether you’re building a new pond or renovating an existing one, our selection ensures a perfect fit for your project.

Pumps and Filtration Systems

Maintaining crystal-clear water is essential for the health of your Koi. Explore our range of energy-efficient pumps and advanced filtration systems designed to keep your pond water pristine. Randy’s Nursery provides options suitable for ponds of all sizes, ensuring optimal water circulation and effective removal of debris.

Koi Food and Nutrition

Nourishing your Koi with high-quality food is crucial for their vibrant colors and overall well-being. Randy’s Nursery offers a selection of premium Koi foods rich in essential nutrients. From pellets to flakes, our range caters to different dietary preferences and ensures your Koi receive the nutrition they need for optimal growth.

Water Testing Kits

Maintaining the right water parameters is vital for the health of your Koi. Our water testing kits allow you to monitor key factors such as pH, ammonia, and nitrate levels. Randy’s Nursery provides accurate and easy-to-use testing kits, empowering you to create a balanced and thriving aquatic environment.

Pond Lighting

Enhance the visual appeal of your Koi pond with carefully chosen lighting. Whether you prefer subtle underwater illumination or captivating LED displays, Randy’s Nursery offers a variety of pond lighting options. Transform your pond into a breathtaking nighttime spectacle with our range of energy-efficient and waterproof lighting solutions.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Water Features

Elevate the tranquility of your Koi pond with captivating water features. Our collection includes bubbling fountains, gentle waterfalls, and ornate statues that add a touch of artistry to your aquatic landscape. Randy’s Nursery experts can assist you in selecting and integrating water features that complement your pond design.

Water Plants

Balance and enrich your pond ecosystem with carefully chosen aquatic plants. Randy’s Nursery offers a diverse range to suit every pond. Discover how the right combination of plants enhances water quality, provides shelter for Koi, and contributes to the overall harmony of your pond. Some of the water plants we offer are:

Water Lilies/Lotus Native Water Plants
Floaters Oxygenators

Water Quality Management

Filtration and Nutrient Regulation

Maintaining a crystal-clear pond is at the heart of our water quality management strategy at Randy’s Nursery. Our advanced filtration systems not only remove debris but also regulate nutrients, ensuring a balanced ecosystem where both Koi and plants flourish.


Aeration is key to a thriving pond, enhancing oxygen exchange for the well-being of your Koi. Randy’s Nursery seamlessly integrates aeration, preventing stagnation and fostering a lively habitat.

Algae Control and Bacteria Management

We tackle algae and detrimental bacteria head-on. Our proactive strategies, including beneficial bacteria, UV clarifiers, and select aquatic plants, ensure water clarity and a healthy environment for your Koi. At Randy’s Nursery, water quality is our commitment for a vibrant pond sanctuary.

Choosing Randy’s Nursery for Your Koi Pond Supplies

A Legacy of Quality

At Randy’s Nursery, we bring nearly 40 years of experience and a legacy of excellence to the world of Koi pond supplies. Choosing us means choosing a brand that has stood the test of time, consistently delivering top-tier products to enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our commitment to quality is ingrained in every aspect of our business, making Randy’s Nursery the trusted choice for discerning pond keepers.

Premium Quality Materials

We understand that the durability and longevity of your Koi pond depend on the quality of the supplies you choose. At Randy’s Nursery, we source materials of the highest standards to ensure your pond’s integrity. From robust liners that withstand the elements to energy-efficient pumps that deliver optimal water circulation, our commitment to premium quality sets us apart.

Competitive Pricing and Value

Quality should not come at the cost of affordability. Randy’s Nursery strives to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our Koi pond supplies. We believe in providing exceptional value, ensuring that our customers receive premium products at reasonable prices. Experience the satisfaction of investing in supplies that stand the test of time without breaking the bank.

Comprehensive Selection

Discover a world of possibilities with our extensive range of Koi pond supplies. Whether you’re in need of essential equipment like pumps and liners or seeking aesthetic enhancements such as decorative rocks and water features, Randy’s Nursery has it all. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection curated to meet the diverse needs of pond enthusiasts at every level.

Expert Guidance for Every Customer

Selecting the right Koi pond supplies can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. At Randy’s Nursery, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process. Whether you have technical questions about filtration systems or need advice on enhancing your pond’s aesthetics, our experts are here to provide personalized assistance, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Unmatched Customer Reviews

The true testament to our commitment to excellence lies in the satisfaction of our customers. Explore our reviews and testimonials to hear from pond keepers who have chosen Randy’s Nursery for their Koi pond supplies. Join a community of satisfied customers who have experienced the difference that our premium products and expert guidance can make in creating and maintaining stunning Koi ponds.

Transform Your Pond Experience with Randy’s Nursery

Choosing Randy’s Nursery for your Koi pond supplies means choosing unparalleled excellence, comprehensive selection, and a customer-centric approach. Join the ranks of satisfied pond enthusiasts who have turned their visions into reality with our top-tier products and expert guidance. Contact Randy’s Nursery today, and let us be your trusted partner in creating and maintaining a Koi pond that exceeds your expectations.

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