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Visit our nursery to see some of the most incredible Christmas Trees you’ll find anywhere in Atlanta.

Find The Perfect Christmas Tree

Celebrate the holiday season with timeless traditions and the enchanting aroma of fresh-cut Fraser Fir Christmas Trees from the mountains of North Carolina, brought to you by Randy’s Nursery. Our commitment to delivering the magic of Christmas starts with offering only Premium Grade Trees, ensuring that your festive centerpiece is well-proportioned, full, and impeccably straight.

Join us as we explore the beauty and joy that our Christmas Trees bring to your home, with sizes ranging from 3 to 11 feet tall. At Randy’s Nursery, the spirit of the season is captured in every detail, from the preservation of freshness through water immersion to the delightful display of hanging trees for easy viewing.

Premium Grade Trees

At Randy’s Nursery, we understand that the heart of your holiday celebrations lies in the iconic Christmas tree. That’s why we exclusively offer Premium Grade Trees – the best you can buy. Our selection of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees ensures that each tree meets the highest standards of quality, boasting lush foliage, well-proportioned branches, and a straight, symmetrical form. We believe that your Christmas tree should be a masterpiece, radiating festive charm and becoming the centerpiece of your holiday memories.


Sizes for Every Space

Whether you’re decorating a cozy apartment or a grand living room, Randy’s Nursery has the perfect-sized Christmas tree for your space. Our trees range from a charming 3 feet to an impressive 11 feet tall, allowing you to find the ideal match for your home. Each tree is carefully cultivated to maintain its natural beauty and shape, ensuring that it becomes a captivating focal point in your holiday décor.

Freshness Preserved in Every Bough

The secret to a truly magical Christmas tree lies in its freshness. At Randy’s Nursery, we go the extra mile to preserve the vitality of our trees. From the moment they are cut in the mountains of North Carolina, we immerse our Fraser Fir Christmas Trees in water, locking in their natural freshness. This meticulous process ensures that when you bring your tree home, it’s not just a festive decoration but a living testament to the beauty of the season.

Easy Viewing: Hanging Trees

Experience the joy of choosing your perfect Christmas tree with ease at Randy’s Nursery. Our unique hanging tree display allows you to view each tree from all angles, ensuring that you find the one that captures your heart. No more struggling to see the top or back of the tree – at Randy’s Nursery, every tree is showcased in a way that makes your selection process a delightful and stress-free experience.

Assistance with a Smile: Loading Your Tree

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Christmas tree, our commitment to service extends to helping you load it into or on top of your vehicle. At Randy’s Nursery, we understand that the joy of the season should begin the moment you select your tree and continue effortlessly until it graces your home. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you, ensuring that your tree arrives home safely and securely.

A Winter Wonderland Beyond Trees

At Randy’s Nursery, the enchantment of the holiday season extends beyond our exquisite Christmas trees. Explore a winter wonderland of festive offerings, including Florist Quality Poinsettias in sizes ranging from 4.5 to 12 inches, Christmas Cacti available in 4 to 8-inch containers, and a variety of wreaths that add a touch of holiday cheer to your home. Our selection also includes Christmas Tree Stands, Christmas Fairy Garden Accessories, and more – everything you need to create a magical and memorable holiday season.

Florist Quality Poinsettias: Vibrant Elegance

Elevate your holiday décor with our Florist Quality Poinsettias, meticulously cultivated to embody vibrant elegance. Available in a range of sizes from 4.5 to 12 inches, these classic holiday plants add a burst of color to your home. Whether you’re looking for a single statement plant or a collection to adorn your space, Randy’s Nursery brings you Poinsettias that exude the warmth and beauty of the season.

Christmas Cacti: Delicate Blooms

Add a touch of delicacy to your holiday display with Christmas Cacti, available in containers ranging from 4 to 8 inches. These charming plants boast delicate blooms that bring a unique and festive flair to your home. Perfect for gifting or enhancing your holiday décor, Christmas Cacti from Randy’s Nursery is a delightful addition to the winter landscape.

Wreaths: Timeless Elegance

Transform your home into a welcoming haven with our collection of wreaths, crafted to embody timeless elegance. From traditional evergreen wreaths to those adorned with festive accents, each piece at Randy’s Nursery is a testament to the artistry of the season. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to find the perfect wreath that complements your unique holiday style.


Christmas Tree Stands: Stability and Style

Ensure that your Christmas tree stands tall and proud with our selection of Christmas Tree Stands. At Randy’s Nursery, we offer stands that not only provide stability but also add a touch of style to your tree display. Choose from a range of designs that suit your aesthetic preferences, combining functionality with festive charm.


Christmas Fairy Garden Accessories: Whimsical Delights

Bring a touch of whimsy to your holiday décor with Christmas Fairy Garden Accessories from Randy’s Nursery. Create miniature winter scenes with charming figurines, tiny ornaments, and festive accents that add a magical dimension to your indoor or outdoor space. Explore the enchanting world of fairy gardens and let your imagination soar this holiday season.

Seasonal Delights

Here are some very popular seasonal plants:


During the holiday season, our collection includes the classic Poinsettia. With its vibrant red bracts, the Poinsettia adds a festive touch to your indoor decor. Place it as a centerpiece or use it to adorn mantels and tables, bringing the spirit of the season into your home.

Easter Lilies

Embrace the arrival of spring with the enchanting beauty of Easter Lilies. These classic blooms, with their pristine white flowers and symbol of purity, are a timeless addition to your indoor decor. Place them in living rooms or entryways to welcome the freshness of spring into your home.

Visit Randy’s Nursery for a Merry and Bright Season

Whether you’re searching for the perfect Christmas tree, vibrant Poinsettias, charming Christmas Cacti, elegant wreaths, or festive accessories, Randy’s Nursery is your destination for a merry and bright holiday season. Immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays with our Premium Grade Fraser Fir Christmas Trees and a delightful array of seasonal offerings. Visit us today, and let the spirit of Christmas flourish in your home with the quality, service, and enchantment that define Randy’s Nursery – where every tree tells a story of festive joy and timeless beauty.

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