Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber


Moisture Cure Liquid Rubber is a Silylated Hybrid Polymer based on a Urethane/Polyether chemistry. This innovative Polymer combination and treatment results in a unique combination of properties:

* Coating cures in 1–3 hours by absorbing moisture from the air
* Film is elastomeric with high elongation
* Good adhesion to most substrates except TPO and PVC membrane
* Can be applied to a damp surface
* Withstands ponding water and total immersion
* Easily recoatable without a primer
* Cures at low temperatures
* Ultra Violet stable
* Tolerates low temperatures to minus 50˚F
* Can be sprayed without diluting
* Has very good in-can stability until catalyst is added
* Will adhere to a fully cured film of Pro Flex Primer
* Coating is oil resistant so it can be used on restaurant roofs
* This product contains NO Isocyanates