Disease Control Ready to Use


Serenade Garden Disease Control Ready to Use is a wide range and preventive bio-fungicide suggested for the suppression and control of many significant plant diseases. Serenade Garden RTU may be used on flowers, foliage, fruits, houseplants, nuts, roses, shrubs, trees and vegetable gardens located in residential lawn and gardens. It may be applied any time of day, in high temperatures and full sun, without burning foliage or stressing the plants. Serenade Garden RTU can be used up until the day of the harvest and on all of the fruits or vegetables that are used in canning. Just put the bottle in hand and start spraying.

Serenade Garden can effectively treat the diseases in your garden without disturbing the safety of your family and pets or the effects of harsh pesticides in the garden. Serenade Garden offers the same actual control used by many farmers to grow disease-free flowers, fruits and vegetables without chemicals that can be harmful to people or the environment.

It can be used for organic gardening, and is OMRI Listed.

Available sizes:
* 32 fl. oz.