Deer, Rabbit and Groundhog Repellent


A solution that finally delivers the results it promises. For years we have spent hundreds of dollars and lost valuable time trying to keep browsing animals away from our plants. It is both discouraging and expensive to keep replacing your precious gardens and plants.

Deer Defeat is the best eco-friendly deer, rabbit and groundhog repellent product that affects both an animal’s sense of smell and taste, leaving your plants less appetizing to deer and other grazing animals. Deer Defeat is an all natural, totally  environmentally safe deer, rabbit and groundhog solution. It will create a continuous invisible shield, so it is guaranteed to work when you need it most. Deer Defeat deer, rabbit and groundhog repellent spray safely deters deer, rabbits, woodchucks and other browsing animals, while actively nourishing your vegetation.

Available sizes:
* 32 fl. oz. ready to use
* 16 fl oz. concentrate