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Even Houseplants Bust Out At The Seams Sometimes

How do you know it’s time to repot a favorite houseplant or perennial container planting out on the veranda?  Spring and winter are good times to check for plants that require repotting, but anytime a plant becomes pot bound is a good time to repot.  A plant is likely pot bound if the roots are […]

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Let Brazilian Rainforest Flower Fairies Brighten Up Your Holidays

The much-loved Christmas cactus is a member of the small genus Schlumbergera, which contains only six species.  Native to the rainforests of southeastern Brazil, Christmas cactus does not tolerate temperatures below 50°F.  While Christmas cactus is generally considered a very low maintenance plant, getting it to bloom does require some attention.  The bloom season starts […]

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Houseplants Do Far More Than Bring Nature Indoors

Many of us resort to houseplants that don’t need watering, can’t be killed, and will thrive at the back of our walk-in closet.  You do know those are fake, right?  It’s time we went back to the good old days of spider plants everywhere (but not in the macramé hangers, please).  It turns out sharing our […]

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