Bring Your Pond to Life at Night with Outdoor Color Changing LED Pond Lighting

Ponds are a mix of beauty, art, and nature and should be enjoyed any time of the day, including night! Illuminate your pond with PondMax Color changing LED pond lights, and you can enjoy your pond day and night. Pond lights can go in or around the water and the light reflection really makes the water “dance in the night.” They are the perfect addition to your pond or water feature where you can enjoy a relaxing night outside or add lighting your outdoor parties and get-togethers.

You can get festive during holidays festivities and parties by adding colorful pond lighting. Light up your pond with red and green for Christmas or blue or white for Hanukkah. Red lights will make for a very romantic Valentine’s celebration with your sweetheart. Make your pond spooky orange for Halloween and make sure the fish don’t get pinched on St. Partick’s Day with green lights! Aquatic LED lights can change color and even jump or fade colors every few seconds so you can feel like you have a fireworks display in your yard every day! Wouldn’t that be perfect for a backyard disco night?! To enjoy a relaxing night outside, let bright white lights shine and show off how beautiful and vibrant your fish and plants are.


Enjoy a night out by the pond with LED pond lighting.


In the days where every penny counts and being kind to our environment matters, these LED lights are certainly the way to go. They provide brighter lighting than halogen lights and are much more energy efficient. They also have a longer lifespan and are more environmentally friendly. Very durable, they are designed to be used in hot and cold temperatures. Already have outdoor lighting? Not to worry, because the LED lights can be hooked into the same transformer as the halogens, providing there is sufficient wattage, making it easy to upgrade to LED lights without the need of a new transformer.



These lights aren’t just for looks either. They light up the pond and the area around it, making you and your guests aware of where the pond and water feature is. This keeps everyone at a safe distance and reduces the risk of someone falling in or tripping around it. Unwanted predators can also be deterred from coming near your pond for fear of being prey themselves. Be sure not to add too many lights as fish enjoy having dark places to hide out from time to time.


Brightly lit waterfall and koi pond landscape feature on display at the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show.


If you invest in a pond and/or water feature as the focal point of your yard, why not light it up so that it can be seen and enjoyed day and night? Starting at around $325 dollars, you can get three lights and a transformer that will light up your entire pond and waterfall. These PondMax color changing LED’s should last 5 to 10 years. It’s a small price to pay to enjoy your pond over morning coffee or an evening nightcap.


Color Changing LED Pond Lights by PondMax


Whether you want to showcase the colors of your fish or light up your waterfall, PondMax color changing LED lights are sure to brighten your pond and/or water features. These lights will also add value and beauty to your yard while giving you more time to enjoy it at night. Keeping you and your guests safe from injury and your fish safe from harm’s way is the icing on the cake.