A Miraculous Product for Your Pond and Fish

     We have an amazing new product available for your ponds and fish. It is called Microbe-Lift CMC. Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (CMC) has been used by animals and humans for centuries because of its healing properties. It is the fish breeder’s secret to bigger, healthier, more colorful Koi fish with longer life spans.

     With over 60 different minerals and trace elements available, CMC effectively aides in promoting healthy immune systems, skin, scales, and skeletal system. Digestion and nutrient absorption are improved. Egg production and survival rate will increase. Fish will be more protected from toxins. CMC has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite properties. The benefits of the clay for fish are endless and we have just begun to scratch the surface.

    Not only is CMC great for fish but it can be very beneficial for your pond as well. Most water used for ponds is deficient in the minerals and trace elements that fish need to thrive. But with the addition of the numerous minerals and trace elements found in CMC, you will provide the most ideal environment for your fish. The clay is the richest calcium deposit available for ponds. CMC also stabilizes water pH, detoxifies the water, helps control the algae, and improves water clarity to the point that it is sparkling clean.