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Amaryllis – A Colorful Bit Of The Tropics Just In Time For The Holidays

There’s no denying that a pot or several of blooming amaryllis (actually hippeastrum – don’t ask, it’s very complicated) is a beautiful sight on a dreary winter day.  But the failure of bulbs to bloom the first or subsequent winters is equally disappointing.  We wonder what went wrong, despite our having followed the given instructions […]

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Fall Into Composting – Now’s The Best Time For It

The healthiest, most productive soils are deep brown, smell like brownies (to me, anyway), and are light in texture.   If you grab a handful and clench it briefly, it holds its shape for a few seconds, and then starts to gently fall away from the clump, sort of the way fresh brown sugar does.   This […]

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Taming The Savage Beast – Taking Charge of Your Tummy Ache

It may seem too early to start planning for the ubiquitous holiday season post-meal bellyaches, but it never hurts to be prepared.   After all, you could just have an upset stomach well before Thanksgiving dinner.  There are many herbs and spices that we should keep on hand in the kitchen, not just for cooking, but […]

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To Carve or Keep – Are You A Pumpkin Carver Or Hoarder?

Pumpkins are still alive even after being harvested.  They release moisture from the blossom end, so whether you’re carving or storing your pumpkins, they need to breathe.  Setting a pumpkin directly on furniture or a non-porous surface won’t make your cucurbit happy, and it may not make your furniture very happy either. Pumpkins purchased from a […]

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