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Meet The Beetles – And A Bug Or Two

If you try not to use chemicals in your vegetable gardens, chances are you spent quite a bit of time this summer handpicking and squishing all sorts of insects, in all stages of life, from eggs to larvae to adults, from your vegetable plants.  The bad news is they’ve already planned their comeback attack for […]

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Increasing The Wattage Of Southern Bulbs

Have you ever noticed how some patches of tulips, some of which look like a cat planted the bulbs, thrive year after year, while others are just one hit wonders?  And how many times have you paid more than common sense would dictate for a lily corm, only to have it sputter out before its […]

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Even More Gems of Gardens Not So Far Away

It is impossible to adequately cover all the garden treasures we are so fortunate to have here in Georgia.   Here are a few more gardens you’ll enjoy.  Please feel free to let us know about any you’d love to see get some well-deserved attention. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens occupies 313 acres, just […]

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Gems of Gardens Just a Short Drive Away

I happened to visit a wonderful public garden that I didn’t even know existed until just a week ago.  I delighted in seeing so many varieties of camellias, Japanese maples, and hydrangeas.  It inspired me to write about some of the public gardens nearby that might not be as well known as the Atlanta Botanical […]

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