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The Art Of The Judicious Prune

The three most significant principles of judicious pruning appear to be:  1) knowing what to prune, 2) when to prune it, and 3) how to prune it.  Mess up on one of these, and your victims of inappropriate pruning display those bad haircuts publicly for at least a season.  Imagine doing that to your teenage […]

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Falling Into Place

It seems like fall is just as busy as spring in the garden, at least.  Now is a great time to plan and prepare for this flurry of activities. Spring flowering bulbs, i.e. daffodils and tulips, can be planted any time from September through November.  It’s best to plant bulbs as soon as you receive […]

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Staying Alive (Try to get that tune out of your head now.)

So I walked into my favorite plant nursery (you know the one) in early spring, and saw this strapping, young Stewartia pseudocamellia, just popping with flower buds.  Stewartia trees are generally not easy to find, and worth their weight in gold to those of us who love its form, bark, and blossoms.  Of course I […]

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All You Can’t Eat (At Least Not Right Now)

So you’re up to your eyeballs in fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden?  You have some options here.  You can belly up to the table and eat ‘til you pop; give away all you can’t eat; preserve your harvest for later, or do a bit of all three.  Food has been preserved by fermentation, […]

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