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It’s Too Darned Hot!

Keeping Cool We are reminded during mandatory flight safety videos to take care of ourselves, first, then help others.  The same principle applies to gardening in hot summer weather – we can’t water and tend to our gardens without first making sure that we are cool, protected, and hydrated. Avoiding the heat altogether is the […]

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Living In A Subtropical Paradise

There are so many rewarding, as well as challenging, plants from the tropics and subtropics to delight all the senses.  Plants, shrubs and trees bearing fragrant flowers, exotic foliage, and rare fruits, many that defy description, are to be found in the relative comfort of nearby botanical gardens.  With a little work, you can grow […]

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Palms for Beginners

Planting palms is a great way to give yourself that “on vacation” feeling every time you step out into your garden. You may not be able to grow Coconut Palms or line your driveway with Royal Palms, but your garden can still have tropical flair year round with the right palm trees ensconced in the […]

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Topical Tropicals 101

We’ve all fallen in love with a beautiful or wonderfully fragrant flowering plant, say a Plumeria, which, of course, we left out on the deck a little too long into late fall or early winter.  Shortly thereafter, our treasured Plumeria resembles week old road-kill.  Plumeria is native to Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of South […]

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