Deadhead camellias as soon as the blossoms fade to discourage blight and other potential diseases.

March Gardening Guide

Spring arrives on Tuesday.  I’m finally “done” pruning my 19 fruit and nut trees, but that doesn’t stop me from barging out into the garden, loppers in hand, to remove some poor unsuspecting weak branch that I missed the first three or four times around.  I tend to err on the side of caution, so it usually takes three or…

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Forsythia Branches and Daffodils in Vase

February Gardening Guide – What to Prune and Other Februaryish Stuff

If you haven’t already gone through all the seed catalogs that appeared in the mailbox starting around Thanksgiving, or browsed for seeds on the internet, well what are you waiting for?  It’s time to plan which vegetables, herbs, perennials and annuals you’re going to start from seed, and sort out the how’s and when’s of when you’re going to get…

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Snowball Viburnum has been grown in gardens for over 500 years.

There’s Still Time to Plant Some Beauty in Your Life

When we plant shrubs and trees in the spring, we do so because the roots should have plenty of time to settle in and there’s no danger of freezing temperatures killing the roots, which in turn would kill the young shrub or tree.  But as spring advances, new leaves emerge, which require food and water to survive.  So the stress…

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Fall Leaves

October Gardening Guide

Many local nurseries (especially Randy’s Perennials and Water Gardens) will be offering some great deals this month, so October is a good time to be planting perennials, trees, and shrubs.  In much of our area, it’s safe to plant trees and shrubs if the ground isn’t frozen, as long as you’re willing to provide adequate warmth for the roots to…

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September Gardening Guide

We’ve already had some beautifully cool nights and mornings, and it’s just the end of the first week of September.  Add some clouds, and you have quite the spectacular dawn right in your own backyard.  Admittedly, some of this will sound exactly like August’s gardening guide.  And in some ways, you’ll be busier in the garden now than you were…

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There's no doubt about this spider plant being pot bound.

Even Houseplants Bust Out At The Seams Sometimes

How do you know it’s time to repot a favorite houseplant or perennial container planting out on the veranda?  Spring and winter are good times to check for plants that require repotting, but anytime a plant becomes pot bound is a good time to repot.  A plant is likely pot bound if the roots are coming out of the drainage…

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Red ripe and rotten apples under the tree.

Fall Gardening – Are You Ready For Another Go?

Fall is a great time to grow vegetables that prefer or tolerate cooler temperatures and cooler, moister soil.  The bugs are hopefully less plentiful in the fall as well, making for a pleasant experience for both garden and gardener.  The important thing to remember is that most cool weather plants need to be pretty well established before the first cold…

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It's time to bask in the glory of all the wonderful melons that do so well in our climate.

August Gardening Guide

We may still be waiting for that long hot, dry spell, but we certainly have no shortage of heat, unless that cooling weather that seems to be keeping the temperatures a bit lower in our area decides to stick around longer than expected.  Since it’s likely to somewhere between the mid-80’s and 90 much of this month, focus on keeping…

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Japanese Maple in Portland Japanese Garden

It’s Always Cooler In The Shade

Since you would probably rather not be planting out in the blazing summer sun right now, here are some options for planting in shade or filtered sunlight.  It will take years for us to cover all the amazing filtered sun and shade loving perennials, shrubs, and trees that we have here at the nursery, but we’ll just keep working on…

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During the hottest days of summer, keeping cool and hydrated is a top priority for everyone.

July Gardening Guide

Hopefully, by now you’re harvesting bountiful crops from your veggie gardens.  Snip fresh herbs regularly, to keep the plants vigorous, as they don’t just sit around waiting for you to decide that they’d spice up a summer salad or iced tea.  Make some basil mojitos if pesto has worn out its welcome already at your place.  If you’re growing potatoes…

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