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A Miraculous Product for Your Pond and Fish

     We have an amazing new product available for your ponds and fish. It is called Microbe-Lift CMC. Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (CMC) has been used by animals and humans for centuries because of its healing properties. It is the fish breeder’s secret to bigger, healthier, more colorful Koi fish with longer life spans.   […]

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Alternatives to Boxwoods and Traditional Dwarf Hollies

Here are some of our favorite landscape plant selections that can be planted instead of the standard boxwoods and non-fruiting dwarf hollies: Ligustrum ‘Sunshine’ This 3’-4’ tall and wide evergreen shrub is a wonderful alternative to boxwoods. Easily trimmed as a hedge, its new yellow foliage is present nearly year round. This plant is reliably evergreen. […]

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Some Like It Hot! (We Have Pepper Plants For Days)

We have a huge selection of pepper plants, including several organic varieties! Some of our varieties include: * Baron F1 Yields mostly large to extra large 3 to 4 fruits Heavy and sweet Rich red color * California Wonder The largest open-pollinated, heirloom bell pepper; considered the standard bell pepper for many decades Nice tenderness […]

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We Have a Huge Selection of Tomato Plants

We have a huge selection of tomato plants, both heirloom and hybrid, including several organic varieties! Some of the many varieties we carry include: * Better Boy (Hybrid) Great disease resistance and reliability One of best tasting slicing tomatoes available Yields tons of tomatoes Indeterminate (bears fruit throughout the season instead of only one harvest time) * Early […]

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Top Full Sun Perennial Plants For Container Gardens (Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers)

Container gardens are a great way to enjoy amazing color all year long, especially for those who don’t have a lot of gardening space.  A basic recipe for building a container garden is to use a Thriller, Filler(s), and Spiller(s) for a well-rounded look. Thrillers are plants that add height and dramatic effect to the container. […]

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